Architectural Designer

Jen-Ni Lin

Jen-Ni is the Architectural Designer who works on projects which require greater graphic illustration. She works on our aesthetic commercial projects as well as small modern ADU projects that require tight planning and out-of-the-box thinking. Jen-Ni is a talented designer who can develop good ideas into beautiful architecture.  

What I Do Here

As an Architecture Designer, I aim to find the best solution to fit our clients needs. I believe the most interesting part of a project is getting to know the clients and exploring various designs to address their specific needs.  

Who I Am

I was born in Taiwan and who moved to the United States to pursue architecture. I graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree then moved to San Diego. I just adopted my first cat + I would love to have an Akita dog in the future.  

What I’m In To

I love ice skating! Currently I am trying to find a coach to improve my skating skills. I love window shopping for furniture (as is common in our trade) and someday would love to become a furniture builder myself. I’m an avid traveller, and have visited and lived in various places around the world.