Download Our Design Magazine and View Our Modern Architecture Work

We've put together the highlights from our favorite projects over the years into this design magazine feature. Inside, you will find a brief history of Ten Seventy Architecture and learn about the concepts and principles we use as a guiding force throughout all of our modern architecture projects.

You will also discover our signature architecture progress, which explains how we collaborate with our clients to produce a design close to their vision in a timely and cost-effective manner. And finally, you'll get to see how we put our ideas into action with examples of our best modern architecture work.

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About Ten Seventy Architecture

Ten Seventy Architecture is an architecture + design studio based in San Diego, California. We like music, art, long walks on the beach, + designing amazing architectural spaces for you. Seriously, our passion is simply to create great design work.

The focus of our work is modern + creative design. We believe form follows function + good projects start w/ strong conceptual development.