The 1070
Creative Process

This is our proprietary design process. We run all of our projects through these 4 phases as part of our fixed fee architectural services.
Process for Modern Architecture Project - Step 1

Site Analysis

Site Analysis is how we kick off all of our projects. This phase consists of research and careful study that the rest of the project will be based on.

During this phase, existing site conditions are documented + relevant codes are studied prior moving forward to the next phase.

The key steps in this phase are (a) measuring + photographing the existing structures/project site, (b) building a 3D digital model of the structures/project site, + (c) drawings of the existing conditions
Modern Architecture Site Analysis for Project
Process for Modern Architecture Project - Step 2

Schematic Design

The Schematic Design phase is where we start to develop the high-level ideas for the project. To give you a representation of several concepts, project schematics are created quickly + may utilize a range of mediums to express an idea - from sketches to massing models. Ideas in this phase are intentionally undeveloped, leaving us the flexibility to confirm other regulations and designs later on.

After exploring several design schematics during this phase, a concept will be chosen that is then developed further in the next phase.

This step includes (a) sketchbook ideas, (b) diagrams, (c) analysis of to the project site/opportunities
Process for Modern Architecture Project - Step 3


Design is reiterative. Through the Design Development phase, we’ll revise the architectural drawings multiple times, refining the layout + adding detail w/ each revision.

Once the design is mostly solidified, we can obtain estimates for engineering (as required). The Design Development phase concludes when the design is finalized. Layout changes after this phase are possible but will result in additional costs + additional time.

The main items here include (a) an updated 3D digital model, (b) drawings of our proposed designs, (c) renderings. We typically go through 3 revisions in this phase.
Process for Modern Architecture Project - Step 4

Construction Documents + Engineering

The Construction Document phase is where the blueprints that are used to obtain a building permit + construction estimates are produced.

The work here involves coordinating w/ consultants so layout changes are highly discouraged - as they affect the workflow of these consultants, resulting in additional costs/time. Through this phase the architect + client will communicate to finalize various details of the project.
Floor Plans of Modern Building
Process for Modern Architecture Project - Step 5


Ten Seventy Architecture specializes in permitting projects in the City of San Diego. We are advocates for our clients and have successfully argued for the benefit of our clients on multiple occasions.

While San Diego is known for having some of the toughest permitting regulations of any city in the US, our in-depth knowledge of the permitting code after 10+ years of experience allows us to secure extra space and cost savings for our clients.

Of course, we can help you achieve permits in other municipalities as well.
San Diego Construction Permits
Process for Modern Architecture Project - Step 6


Ten Seventy Architecture recommends a Design-Build process where the general contractor is selected at the beginning of phase 3 + participates in the Design Development meetings. We’d be happy to recommend a qualified contractor for your project.

In the case of Design-Bid-Build process, Ten Seventy Architecture can offer an additional bidding service.
Process for Modern Architecture Project - Step 7


We love recommending our favorite general contractors for your project!

Ten Seventy Architecture also can offer construction observation services for projects which require an additional layer of management.
Construction before after
Process for Modern Architecture Project - Step 8

Interior Design

Ten Seventy Architecture can provide interior design services for minimalist interiors where interior/architectural integration is the highest priority.

For other projects/styles we have a list of interior designers we can recommend for your specific project type / style.

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