Project Overview

The Edinberg Residence is one of our flagship projects. Our primary objectives were to restore the unique details that were lost during the previous renovation, create an interior-exterior space that flows seamlessly, and to draw the homeowner's guests up to the second floor roof deck for entertaining.

A Well Needed Update

This is a remodel project which corrected a series of unfortunate details created by a previous addition.

Wood as a Directional Material

We used wood to subconsciously direct occupants around the home. Throughout all public areas of the home, there are wood components that create warmth + place.

Luxurious Courtyard Space

This home opens up to a beautiful courtyard with an in-ground pool, offering ideal So Cal living.

A Rooftop with a View

The climax of this project is the roof deck nested under the angled trellis. Sit back + enjoy the ocean view.

The Property

One of the primary challenges faced here was working in the coastal zone - this requires a special permit that costs more money and takes additional time to secure. Fortunately, we were able to secure for our client a coastal exemption - which helped us achieve the permit needed in under 2 months, which is very fast for any project in San Diego.

As we started developing design concepts for this home, it became clear there was a large "funnel effect" between the public space inside and the entertainment space outside. It became clear to us that to create an amazing home for entertaining, we needed to develop a more open space so guests could flow easily from the inside to outside.

Designing the Experience of the Home

Cardiff is a small beach town just north of San Diego. My client Keith owned a 3,900sf duplex a few blocks up from the beach. The location was ideal, but the home was horribly outdated. To make matters worse, an addition which was built in the 80s was planned directly between the home’s living area and the private courtyard with a pool. Working collaboratively with Keith, the purpose of this remodel was to solve those issues as well as implement a few other design concepts.


Site Analysis

In this initial Site Analysis phase we documented the entire home, creating a digital model of the existing conditions. There were a few ideas we were curious to explore as we proceeded into the next project phase.


Schematic Design

Typically our Schematic Design phase includes a study of the conditions noted in the previous phase. During this work, it became obvious that there was a huge bottleneck between the interior spaces + the exterior courtyard.


Site Analysis

We decided to try to correct the issues we noted in the previous phases. In the Design Development phase for this project, we explored options to create an open floor plan as well as install a retractable glass door system to re-connect the inside spaces with the courtyard + in-ground pool.


Construction Documents

During our Construction Documents phase we worked with our Structural Engineer to structurally support our open floor plan. Additionally, we detailed the exterior materials + new roof deck trellis.

Key Materials

For materials, we primarily used stucco, metal, wood, and concrete (for the landscaping). When it comes to designing custom, modern homes, this was a dream palette to work with.

A Major Remodel

We wanted to correct some of the poor architectural detailing which was done during the last renovation. This included replacing the stuccoed wood posts with slender black steel. Wood was used to control flow like over the entry or in the staircase, while creating a sense of intrigue at designed gathering spaces like in the kitchen or by the pool. A canopy was installed to shade the roof deck (the vantage point with an ocean view). Finally, the laundry room was relocated to the master closet which allowed for the interior spaces to flow outdoors to the private courtyard and pool area.

Interior Design

Part of the renovation included removing the structural walls between the dining room and the kitchen. The wall supported with a concealed steel beam and matching black posts. A wooden canopy floats above the kitchen creating a warm, central gathering point below. Two La Cantina accordion doors create a connection to the exterior courtyard pool. The interiors were then put together by Danae Netto Design.  

Exterior Design

A full exterior renovation allowed us to unify the design with a consistent architectural language. This included a Santa Barbara white stucco, diagonal wood cladding, black metal steel posts and flashing, and Andersen 100 windows. We were able to save the existing glass block components which do a great job of dispersing lighting indoors.  

A Modern, Luxurious Courtyard

Tucked away towards the side side of the house is a pool and hot tub area. We made sure to include the same diagonal wood components featured throughout the rest of the home's exterior - creating a unification of the design through this wood detailing.

Landscape Design

The landscape design complements the diagonal wood cladding, creating a focal point behind the pool and hot tub area. The design direction was passed from the architect to the landscape design firm, creating a consistent design which helps to ease the transition from inside to outside.  

Structual Design

Complimenting the kitchen wood accents, vertical wood posts guide guests upstairs to the roof deck canopy. The wood posts are also functional, supporting the glass guard rail. The vertical posts create a complimentary backdrop to the kitchen’s horizontal wood canopy. This required a close collaboration with the structural engineering firm, Patterson Engineering.  

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