Main Street Development

This project was a self-funded development that included rebuilding 2 separate structures into 3 modern rental units. The property is located in San Diego's historic Barrio Logan neighborhood, just a few blocks from the bay. The project site was selected due to its proximity to the neighborhood's bustling commercial strip + the City's future plans for bike infrastructure + local parks. This property was particularly interesting due to the attention received by local news, originally featured as a blight on the neighborhood. The completed project includes two 1-bedroom / 1-bathroom units plus another studio unit. The rental units each include gated off-street parking spaces + private exterior space.

Our design was conscious of the rapid gentrification occurring in this part of town so from the onset we decided to maintain the gable ridge shape + scale of the street-facing structure. We continued this theme by redesigning the alley-facing structure to match. The front structure features a pink stucco facade which was selected in respect of the Southeast San Diego area where this color is historically more common. The other structure is gray to represent the industrial past of this part of the Barrio, which includes the shipyard facility. The interior of that structure has a terra cotta style tile which is also a callback to the common Mexican flooring material of the past. The kitchen backsplash picks up on this theme as well.

We are passionate about projects like this, allowing us to work holistically as architects, contractors, + interior designers. We are able to leverage our permitting expertise in a way that most efficiently achieves our goals. Most importantly, these projects provide additional rental units during a time of housing shortage in San Diego.

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