Architectural Designer

Nolan Delgado

Nolan is the team’s Architectural Designer who works on custom residential projects which require the highest level of attention to detail. He has worked to refine our 3D printed study models as well as build templated architectural processes. Nolan brings a modernists rational to our projects.

What I Do Here

As an Architectural Designer, I bring projects from the start of concept all the way through to the coordination of construction. Using SketchUp as my main tool, I take a client’s dream idea and shape it into reality. Applying the team’s knowledge of modern design methods to our client’s goals, we iterate and adapt the project until it answers every issue possible. I also serve as the clients thread of communication, reaching out to the respective parties to ensure I get the correct answer before funneling those answers back to the client.  

Who I Am

As a natural problem solver, I have always pursued life’s challenges with the mindset of “there is always an answer, you just need to find it.” I have taken this mentality through school, across the field of architecture, and into my Dungeons & Dragons sessions. I grew up here in San Diego and graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelors of Architecture degree. I’m a through and through nerd, always willing to enter hours long conversations about various shows and movies. Oh, and cats > dogs!

What I’m In To

Somedays I just want to put my headphones on max, flick on EDM or Pop Punk, and go off exploring. Other days I will shut myself in a room after work and game for hours on end. Don’t get me wrong though, I like socializing with friends as much as the next guy, especially if the conversation takes place screaming in each other’s ear to be heard over the music of a live concert. Otherwise you will find me out playing disc golf or traveling for competitive laser tag tournaments.