Design Rewind: Escondido Residence

By Sean Canning

The Escondido Residence marked my first foray into the city of Escondido. Located within San Diego County, the project's aim was to seamlessly add a master suite, family room, laundry area, and an exterior patio to a traditional home. The challenge? Incorporating modern architectural elements while preserving the house's original charm.

Key Design Features:

  1. Butterfly Roof: This unique design allows water to drain toward the home's center, creating an inverse effect of a typical roof. This was my first endeavor with such a design, making the project all the more special.
  2. Phased Approach: The clients preferred a gradual construction approach, building portions of the project in distinct phases. While logistically challenging, this method allowed better budget control.
  3. Angular Posts: These aesthetically appealing posts were reminiscent of Sean's previous Kenosha project and added a striking touch to the residence's exterior.

Design Iterations and Outcome: The process wasn't without its changes and adjustments. Initial designs saw the inclusion of a kitchen, office space, family room, and a master suite addition. Different roof designs and floor plans were considered, with several sketches paving the way to the final concept. Ultimately, the residence boasted clear divisions between its private and public spaces, enhancing functionality.

Construction Details: Unique aspects of the project included the use of a flitch beam—a site-built beam uncommon in the West Coast. This beam is a fusion of steel plates and wood, offering a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics. Other details like steel and wood combinations unified the home's design.

Project Conclusion: The construction phase was longer than typical projects, spanning about two years due to the clients' hands-on approach. Despite the extended timeline, the clients expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome. Their vision was to create a family home they would cherish forever, and they still live in the home today, nearly ten years later.

For those interested in diving deeper into the nuances of architectural design or eager to explore more of our earliest work, the Design Rewind video series on our YouTube channel offers a treasure trove of information.

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