Our Architecture Design Process

By Sean Canning

Ten Seventy Architecture uses a 4-phase design process. Starting w/ Site Analysis, through Schematic Design, Design Development, + finally Construction Drawings. This video offers a brief explanation of our design process.

Design + Architecture are inherently creative disciplines - but true professionals in this field have a refined process for ensuring they can consistently deliver great designs for their clients. Over the years of running my own architecture studio in San Diego, I have consistently refined my process to develop a proprietary design process that I believe does just that. 

At Ten Seventy Architecture, we run all of our projects through 4 phases as part of our fixed-fee architecture services. 

This allows us to properly research a project, take into account all of our client’s needs, + explore several design concepts. 

By having a set process, we’re able to have a systematic approach to each project + ensure it gets done in a timely + organized manner. It is also extremely beneficial to our clients, as they’re included in every step to ensure their ideas + feedback are taken into consideration. 

We also utilize interactive 3D digital models to present our vision for what the end result of the project will look like. This allows our clients to see exactly what the layout + design of their new home will be + have full confidence in moving forward with permitting + construction. 

To learn more about our signature creative process, click the button below to view a video walkthrough where I explain each step. You can also read up on each step of the process here. 

If you want to see the process in action, make sure to check out our modern architecture portfolio to discover what this looks like in the real world.

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