What Are The Key Components of Modern Home Design?

By Sean Canning

What are the key components which make up a modern home? Well, since Ten Seventy Architecture specializes in modern home design, I think this should be a pretty simple answer. But unfortunately, it's not that simple of an answer. 

I would say two key components make a modern home. These are things any modern home design has to have. And then there are a series of secondary features that a modern home may or may not have.

Well, let's start with the first two primary features. 

We know modernism comprises of two different components, form follows function and the rejection of unnecessary ornament. So any modern home design should really have these two components. 

So what does a home that's form follows function look like? And what does that mean? 

Well, what it means is you're going to stray away from the traditional style of a home in favor of something that responds better to the site or potentially responds better to the building owners or the building occupants.

So that's form follows function as it relates to modern home design. And when it's manifested in a residential project, it will result in a very unique looking home because every site and every client and every building user is slightly different than other building users. So homes should not look the same. They should respond to those conditions. 

Now, the second component of modernism, which is also very important, is that modernism rejects unnecessary ornament. This is something I've talked quite a bit about in my previous videos, but the easiest way to explain this would be by discussing Crown Moulding.

Crown Moulding, which occurs around the ceiling where the wall meets the ceiling of your home, has no function other than ornament. So a modernist or a modernist home would reject that notion. They would have no Crown Moulding unless there was some sort of function for it. 

Now, those are the two main features of modern home design. But there are many other features that you may see in a modern home that is not necessarily required. 

You may see a long horizontality to a home. And generally, you see this because modern homes tend to use steel rather than wood construction.

And this is interesting because modernism coincided with the Industrial Revolution and the advent of steel in construction. So you may see some more horizontal homes or horizontal buildings in modern architecture which would not have been possible before the 1920s. If you would like to learn more about examples of modern American architecture, read this blog post to discover our six favorite examples.

In general, the key thing you can expect from a modern home is something that looks very unique, something that responds specifically to the site or to the homeowner or the family who lives there, or to the group of people who use that property or use that structure on a regular basis.

In summary, those are the key components of modern architecture or more specifically, the key components of modern home design.

If you would like to see examples of our modern home design in action, you can view our modern architecture portfolio and browse through our past work.

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