Renderings of Various Proposals for San Diego's Convention Center

By Sean Canning

This week thousands of crazed fans will populate San Diego's Convention Center.  Over the years there has been many architecture proposals to improve the surrounding site, expand the convention center, or link additional structures to the Convention Center use.  The following is a recap of the architectural renderings over the years.  A look into the past (or possibly the future).  What might have been, what should've never been, + what the San Diego Convention Center could be in the near future.  

The Original Stadium Plan

The Hotel Plan

The Preliminary Chargers Stadium Plan

The Later Chargers Stadium Plan

The Convendium Plan???

The 2nd Hilton Hotel Plan

Preliminary Convention Center Expansion Plan

The Pedestrian Bridge Plan

The San Diego Symphony Outdoor Amphitheater Plan

The Convention Center Phase III Expansion Plan

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