Study: Logan Heights Neighborhood

By Sean Canning

In October of 2015, San Diego updated their Community Plan for Southeast San Diego.  As an architect + owner of a modern duplex in Logan Heights, I wanted to share the research that lead me to this up-and-coming neighborhood.  

The map below indicates the areas of new zoning density in relation to the previous zoning.  The Diamond District of Logan Heights (area where streets are oriented 45-degrees, near the Coronado Bridge) holds the most viable properties for development.  The orientation of these lots is ideal for dispersing sunlight + can offer great views of the San Diego Bay + Coronado Bridge if you can get up 2 or 3 stories.  

The 2nd map (below) isolates the residential lots where the new zoning adds density, w/ additional consideration for traffic noise.  Imperial Ave. + Commercial St., w/ it's existing pedestrian trolley, are poised to become walkable mixed-use main streets.  Notice how the desirable properties are positioned around these streets.  This zoning change will yield favorable results in Logan Heights over the next decade.  

If you're considering developing a property in Logan Heights, Barrio Logan, Sherman Heights, or any other part of Southeast San Diego, please contact us to discuss your project.  

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