The Truth About ADUs in San Diego (What the DSD Won't Tell You)

By Sean Canning

Sometimes the new San Diego's Accessory Dwelling Unit regulations can be very difficult to understand. In this video, I do my best to explain the city's complicated ADU regulations to help you determine if your property qualifies for a detached or attached ADU or JADU.

I also explain all of the hidden fees the City of San Diego's Development Services Department will charge you as well as some specific tips + tricks to keep costs lower.  If you've ever considered building a Companion Unit, Granny Flat, Guest House, Accessory Unit, ADU, Junior ADU, or even a new Dwelling Unit, this video will answer some of your questions.  

If you are interested in developing an additional unit on your property and looking for help, book a meeting with us. We'll help you map out a strategy for your project, answer any questions you have, and set you on a path for success.

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