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Ten Seventy Architecture is a modern architecture studio based in San Diego. Our team of architects will help you seamlessly integrate high-end landscape design into any architectural project.

While we are not exclusively a landscape architecture studio, our team will elevate any project with thoughtful landscape design elements. Whether you're embarking on a new custom home, a renovation/remodel, or an ADU project, we can help.

Elevate Your San Diego Home with Professional Landscape Design

At Ten Seventy Architecture, we recognize the importance of a holistic design approach that embraces both architectural and landscape elements.

Your garden, backyard, or patio are all integral parts of your home, and need to be treated as such. Our team of accomplished architects and design professionals is here to guide you through every phase of your project, from conceptualization to permitting, and ultimately, construction.

With our deep understanding of landscape design principles, we infuse your spaces with creativity, functionality, and sustainability. Our integrated design + permitting process empowers us to manage your entire project seamlessly, resulting in spaces that not only look remarkable but also resonate with your lifestyle.

Working with our team of San Diego landscape architects will add a new and green dimension to your home, softening the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

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Artistic Landscape Design That Connects Your Interior to the Exterior

Ten Seventy Architecture specializes in projects spanning new home construction, renovations, remodels, and ADUs. With over a decade of experience, we have honed a streamlined project process to simplify your experience. We can help you integrate landscape design elements in your project that complement the architectural vision.

Work With Award-Winning CA Landscape Designers

When seeking a design partner to bring your dream home to life, it's essential to collaborate with experts who can seamlessly blend architectural and landscape elements. At Ten Seventy Architecture, our team is proficient in crafting customized residential designs with integrated landscape features.

We specialize in helping San Diego's homeowners build modern homes complemented by the best landscape and garden designs. By understanding your lifestyle, preferences, and aspirations, we ensure that the landscape complements the architectural vision, creating a serene and inspiring living environment.

Do you appreciate outdoor entertainment and like to dine under the stars? Or maybe you're looking for an upgrade of your to your eco-friendly kitchen garden area? Whatever your design needs, we got you covered.

If you live close to the ocean beach, you may want a tropical garden with water features. And if you live on a ranch, perhaps you want a garden to maximize year-round greenery and take advantage of the San Diego's incredible climate. Whatever your goals, our architects will help you make your dream home a reality.
Photo of a modern renovation project by ten seventy architecture

Let Our Skilled Landscape Architects Enhance Your Residence

For homeowners seeking transformative renovations, remodels, or additions, Ten Seventy Architecture offers design solutions that breathe new life into existing structures. Our landscape designers collaborate with skilled architects to reimagine your space.

By seamlessly weaving landscape elements into your project, we enhance functionality and aesthetics. Our approach ensures that your renovated home not only boasts a modern design but also resonates with the surrounding environment.

Throughout the process, our interactive 3D architecture software empowers you to visualize the harmonious fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces.
Photo of a modern home in San Diego designed by Ten Seventy Architecture

Elevate Your ADU Projects with Thoughtful Landscape Design

Ten Seventy Architecture excels in the realm of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), where our expertise extends to integrating landscape features that amplify the appeal and functionality of these spaces.

Whether your goal is to generate rental income or create additional living space, our team's proficiency in landscape design will help you achieve remarkable results. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of ADU regulations and trends, we design spaces that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living.
Photo of a modern ADU project in San Diego by Ten Seventy Architecture

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Discover Our Portfolio Of Modern Architecture Projects

Ten Seventy Architecture has a proven track record of delivering residential projects that seamlessly integrate architectural and landscape design. Visit our portfolio to witness how our unique approach has transformed countless living spaces in Southern California into harmonious sanctuaries. Whether you envision a modern oasis or a minimalist retreat, our expertise spans various design styles and concepts.

Meet the Collaborative Team Behind Ten Seventy Architecture

At our studio, we value the art of creating synergistic relationships with our clients. By forging genuine partnerships, we ensure that your design goals and lifestyle aspirations are at the forefront of every project. Our architects and licensed landscape designers are committed to curating exceptional designs that resonate with your vision, fostering an enriching journey from concept to reality.

Founder / Principal Architect

Sean Canning

Sean is a graduate of NJIT, where he studied architecture + industrial design. He relocated to San Diego in 2009 to open the boutique architecture studio, Ten Seventy Architecture, focussing predominantly on modern, minimalist, + creative architecture. Sean has also won various awards for modern furniture he has designed.

  • California Registered Architect

  • LEED Accredited Professional

  • Bachelor of Architecture (NJIT)

  • Certification in Project Management (SDSU)

Profile Picture of Sean Canning - Principal Architect and Owner of Ten Seventy Architecture in San Diego, California

Project Manager / Permit Specialist

Margaret Canning

Margaret is also a graduate of NJIT, where she studied architecture + civil engineering. She relocated to San Diego in 2010 working at a LEED consulting firm before taking a job as a project manager in San Diego’s permit office for 5 years. Later she brought her skillset to Ten Seventy Architecture where she manages projects + permitting.

  • LEED Accredited Professional

  • Bachelor of Architecture (NJIT)

  • Masters of Civil Engineering (NJIT)

  • Certification in Project Management (SDSU)

Margaret Canning Profile Photo of Ten Seventy Architecture

Architectural Designer

Jen-Ni Lin

Jen-Ni is our Architectural Designer who works on projects which require greater graphic illustration. She works on our aesthetic commercial projects as well as small modern ADU projects that require tight planning and out-of-the-box thinking. Jen-Ni is a talented designer who can develop good ideas into beautiful architecture.  

Margaret Canning Profile Photo of Ten Seventy Architecture

Architectural Designer

Nolan Delgado

Nolan is the team’s Architectural Designer who works on custom residential projects which require the highest level of attention to detail. He has worked to refine our 3D printed study models as well as build templated architectural processes. Nolan brings a modernists rational to our projects.  

Margaret Canning Profile Photo of Ten Seventy Architecture

10+ Years of Experience
in San Diego Architecture and Design Services

"Sean is the guy if you are looking for a Los Angeles architect. I was referred to him via a mutual business connection, and couldn't be happier with his work...The final product was phenomenal. I could not be happier. His work was not only exactly what I was looking for, but he did it in a timely fashion. "

Alexandra G.

"An element we loved about Sean was his ability to see creatively from the very beginning. And I can tell you that when we walked out of the meeting with Sean, we both looked at each other and said: “That’s the guy we want” And we’ve had no regrets ever since."

Tom R.

“5.000 stars. The recent opening of our ophthalmology practice has been a year in the making, and Sean Canning from Ten Seventy Architecture was integral to the successful design and execution of our space.”

Adam D.

“Highly recommend working with Sean, he is a licensed Architect who puts the customer's best interests first. I have worked with Sean on several projects, his thoroughness streamlines the project helping save money and time.”

Curtis P.

Crafting Your Ideal Home With Landscape Design

Embarking on a residential architecture project involves careful consideration of multiple aspects, including landscape design. To aid you in your journey, Ten Seventy Architecture presents an insightful resource: "The Complete Guide to Making Your Dream House a Reality in San Diego, California". This guide will walk you through the process of building your dream home, offering practical insights to save time, effort, and stress.

Your Comprehensive Resource for Designing Your Dream Home

If you’re looking to begin a home renovation project, our free Dream Home Guide is a great place to start. This project planning resource was created for people who are looking to renovate their space with incredible modern architecture.

Our team of architects developed this guide with more than a decade of experience designing + building home renovation and landscape projects. It includes resources, expert tips, and a simple flowchart that will help you customize your roadmap to get started. Once you review the Dream Home Guide, you’ll have a comprehensive strategy customized to your project needs and goals.

With this resource, you’ll be able to design, permit + build in no time by avoiding project delays and unnecessary fees. Our complete resource will ensure you to feel prepared and confident as you begin researching your project and contacting architects or contractors.

1070 Architecture Project Planning  Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Incorporate Sustainable Landscape Design into Residential Projects?

Absolutely. We are not solely a landscape architecture studio, and we seamlessly integrate landscape design into our projects. We work all over San Diego County and we always advocate for a sustainable approach.

Can You Help With Softscape, Hardscape, Plants and Lighting?

Yes, we can help you design, update, and provide layout suggestions for all parts of your garden and grounds. We can assist with every part of your landscaping project, from the first ideation stage to picking out the perfect plants, lighting and color palette. We promote a holistic approach that comprise all those elements, as we find that it gives the best and most authentic results.

Do You Offer Virtual Consultations?

Yes, we do. If you're interested in a virtual consultation, use the form below to get in touch. Our licensed architects will gladly discuss your project and design aspirations. It doesn't matter if you live in LA, Santa Fe, Carmel Valley, Solana Beach, Encinitas or La Jolla – we can always consult virtually to get your project started.

8. How can I get started with ADU plans for my San Diego County project?

Simply fill out the form on our website to get in touch with our team. We'll guide you through the process, discuss your project goals, and help you select the pre-approved plan that suits your needs.

Do you design Landscape Projects?

Certainly! Whether it's a residential or commercial landscape project, we've got you covered. In fact, we have extensive experience designing numerous commercial tenant improvement projects in the past decade. Feel free to reach out for assistance with your commercial project – we're here to assist you.

What other fees are there?

The costs associated with structural engineering can fluctuate based on the specific design you have in mind. Additionally, permit fees are obligatory payments made to the municipality, covering the administrative expenses of processing the permit. Certain projects may necessitate energy calculations or supplementary engineering work. In cases where permits are more intricate, there might be a need for additional presentation drawings to support the application.

Can You Integrate Sustainable Design into My Project?

Absolutely. We are experts in designing sustainable modern homes + ADUs that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor elements. When designing your outdoor area, we always take things like irrigation needs into consideration, making sure you can maintain your garden in an affordable and eco-friendly way.

How much do permits cost in San Diego?

Permits are charged by the municipalities and can vary greatly. New homes are sometimes  subject to additional municipal impact fees.

How long do permits in San Diego take?

Projects outside the California Coastal Zone usually take about 3 months for permitting with the streamlined #DigitalDSD process in the City of San Diego. But if your project is in the Coastal Zone or requires a Site Development Permit, it might take around 8 months or more for permitting.