Remodel Your Home with Elevated Modern Design

Ten Seventy Architecture helps people who love modern + minimalist design overcome the challenges of remodeling or renovating their homes. With a proven process, the latest technology, and 10+ years of experience, our architecture studio customizes our designs to fit each of our clients and their project goals. We have the expertise to create your dream home with elevated design + increased functionality.

How Our Architecture Studio Can Help You Remodel Your Home

A luxury home remodel or renovation can transform your home into a functional space that is completely customized to fit your needs and lifestyle. While both of these projects will refresh your living space and add to your home’s value, their benefits and considerations differ. 

Renovations change the look and feel of a home by restoring or updating existing spaces for enhanced style and practicality. On the other hand, remodels alter the structure of a home through a redesign + construction process. 

For those looking to modernize their home to improve poor layout or outdated design, luxury home remodeling is an excellent solution. These projects allow you to incorporate your personal style while reconfiguring your home to work for your lifestyle.

With a remodel, you can rethink the purpose or layout of existing living spaces, both interior and exterior, update fixtures to be more modern, sustainable + energy-efficient, all while increasing your home’s value along the way. 

Wondering what this architecture process looks like in practice? Watch the video here for a quick overview of the key steps. And, if you're ready to get started, schedule a free consultation with us below.

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Key Benefits of a Luxury Home Remodel Project

Our team has more than a decade of experience with home remodeling projects in San Diego. We can help you get your project done on-time within your budget thanks to our our signature architectural process that ensures we can modernize your home with high-end + functional design. 

Upgrade Your Space with Functional Design

Our homes have sentimental value as the places where we relax, connect with family and friends, and make memories. When a home becomes outdated over time, it may be difficult to consider finding a new house or a neighborhood to call your own.

Renovating or remodeling your home is an excellent option to avoid the hassle and cost of moving. If your home’s layout, style, and features are no longer fitting your needs, a luxury home remodeling project can help make worthwhile improvements. 

With a remodel, you can transform the structure of your home and customize it to better suit your needs. Upgraded design and fixtures will improve the look and feel, while additions and other options can expand and elevate your space. Regardless of your project goals, our architecture studio will partner with you every step of the way to reconfigure the layout + function your home.
Photo of a modern renovation project by ten seventy architecture

Luxury Remodeling Options to Increase the Value of Your Home

When beginning a luxury home remodeling project, we know you’ll have many ideas about how your space can be transformed to enhance you and your family's lifestyle. Our team at Ten Seventy Architecture looks forward to partnering with our clients to create incredible modern, minimalist + mid-century modern designs.

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your space with a gourmet kitchen or a spa-like bathroom, expanding the living area with an addition, or improving the layout to make day-to-day life more efficient, our team has the expertise to guide you through the design process. 

Additionally, our team specializes in sustainability options and can provide you with opportunities to reduce maintenance and utility cost on top of savings made possible by our proprietary design process. These types of luxury home remodeling projects make your home more enjoyable to live in, while adding value and leading to a higher resale price down the road.
Photo of a modern home in San Diego designed by Ten Seventy Architecture

The Latest Technology to Bring Your Luxury Home Remodel to Life

Throughout our streamlined design + build process, our architects will work with you to incorporate your project needs, goals, and personal style into our detailed plans.

Using state-of-the-art technology and the latest 3D design + rendering software, we build interactive models to showcase both the exterior and interior of your space – allowing you to visualize and explore your home before any construction begins. During this step, we’ll gather your feedback before finalizing designs and starting the construction process.

When you work with Ten Seventy Architecture, we complete everything for you in-house – from drafting and permitting your designs to partnering closely with expert engineers and contractors to get the job done. Plus, we have 10+ years of experience navigating complex city codes and regulations. We’ll manage your remodeling project from start to finish, ensuring your project is completed on-time and within your budget.
Photo of a modern ADU project in San Diego by Ten Seventy Architecture

3 Simple Steps to Begin Your Luxury Home Remodeling

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Check Out Our Past Luxury Home Remodeling Projects

If you're looking for a professional team of architects in San Diego that can design + build your home remodeling project, we can help. With over a decade of experience, we’ve guided our clients through renovations + remodels, bringing beautiful elevated designs to life. Need some inspiration for your upcoming project? Check out our past luxury home remodeling projects below.

Meet The Team at Ten Seventy Architecture

Our team of professionally licensed and certified architects strives to make lasting connections with each of our clients and projects. We look forward to guiding you through the process and working together to design something amazing.

Founder / Principal Architect

Sean Canning

Sean is a graduate of NJIT, where he studied architecture + industrial design. He relocated to San Diego in 2009 to open the boutique architecture studio, Ten Seventy Architecture, focussing predominantly on modern, minimalist, + creative architecture. Sean has also won various awards for modern furniture he has designed.

  • California Registered Architect

  • LEED Accredited Professional

  • Bachelor of Architecture (NJIT)

  • Certification in Project Management (SDSU)

Profile Picture of Sean Canning - Principal Architect and Owner of Ten Seventy Architecture in San Diego, California

Project Manager / Permit Specialist

Margaret Canning

Margaret is also a graduate of NJIT, where she studied architecture + civil engineering. She relocated to San Diego in 2010 working at a LEED consulting firm before taking a job as a project manager in San Diego’s permit office for 5 years. Later she brought her skillset to Ten Seventy Architecture where she manages projects + permitting.

  • LEED Accredited Professional

  • Bachelor of Architecture (NJIT)

  • Masters of Civil Engineering (NJIT)

  • Certification in Project Management (SDSU)

Margaret Canning Profile Photo of Ten Seventy Architecture

Architectural Designer

Jen-Ni Lin

Jen-Ni is our Architectural Designer who works on projects which require greater graphic illustration. She works on our aesthetic commercial projects as well as small modern ADU projects that require tight planning and out-of-the-box thinking. Jen-Ni is a talented designer who can develop good ideas into beautiful architecture.  

Margaret Canning Profile Photo of Ten Seventy Architecture

Architectural Designer

Nolan Delgado

Nolan is the team’s Architectural Designer who works on custom residential projects which require the highest level of attention to detail. He has worked to refine our 3D printed study models as well as build templated architectural processes. Nolan brings a modernists rational to our projects.  

Margaret Canning Profile Photo of Ten Seventy Architecture

10+ Years of Experience
in a Wide Range of Home Styles and Design Services

"Sean is the guy if you are looking for a Los Angeles architect. I was referred to him via a mutual business connection, and couldn't be happier with his work...The final product was phenomenal. I could not be happier. His work was not only exactly what I was looking for, but he did it in a timely fashion. "

Alexandra G.

"An element we loved about Sean was his ability to see creatively from the very beginning. And I can tell you that when we walked out of the meeting with Sean, we both looked at each other and said: “That’s the guy we want” And we’ve had no regrets ever since."

Tom R.

“5.000 stars. The recent opening of our ophthalmology practice has been a year in the making, and Sean Canning from Ten Seventy Architecture was integral to the successful design and execution of our space.”

Adam D.

“Highly recommend working with Sean, he is a licensed Architect who puts the customer's best interests first. I have worked with Sean on several projects, his thoroughness streamlines the project helping save money and time.”

Curtis P.

Everything You Need to Begin Your Luxury Home Remodel

Any home improvement project, especially luxury remodels or renovations, requires a significant amount of research + planning. As you begin to shape what your dream project might look like, check out our comprehensive Dream Home Guide. This resource will walk you through the entire architecture process, with helpful tips to save time and money.

Our Quick Start Guide for Creating Your Dream Home

If you're interested in beginning a home remodeling or renovation project, our free Dream Home Guide is a great place to start. We've put together this comprehensive resource that outlines each step of the remodeling process. After reviewing this guide, you'll have a customized plan for approaching the design, permitting + construction of your project.

Our resource compiles over a decade of experience working with clients to transform their spaces with incredible modern architecture. The Dream Home Guide incorporates common city regulations and building codes, as well as simple directions, expert tips, and a flowchart to customize your project roadmap. It'll help you secure extra design value for the home of your dreams while streamlining the process to be easier + more efficient than ever.

Download our guide to save hours of research and get up to speed with the entire process of redesigning your home before you begin consulting an architect.

1070 Architecture Project Planning  Guide

Frequently Asked Questions About Luxury Home Remodels

What Architectural Styles Do you work In?

We specialize in modern + minimalist architectural design. On occasion, we work in other styles such as contemporary, prairie style, craftsman, or transitional.

How much does it cost to work w/ an architect in San Diego?

Our designs start @ $12,000-15,000 for smaller projects.

Do you offer virtual Architecture consultations?

Yes, we do! If you're interested in a virtual consultation you can sign up using the form at the bottom of this page. Once you reach out, we'll be in touch to schedule a meeting.

Do you design Commercial Projects?

Yes! We've designed commercial tenant improvement projects over the last decade. We're happy to help you w/ your commercial project.

What other fees are there?

Structural engineering costs will vary depending on the design proposed. Permit fees are paid to the municipality, as well as cost to facilitate the permit process. Some projects may require energy calculations or additional engineering. More complicated permits may require additional presentation drawings.

How long does it take to design something?

Schedules will depend on the project scope. Generally, it takes around 1-2 months to create a design working w/ a client, then 1 month to engineer/detail the project.

How much do permits cost in San Diego?

Permits are charged by the municipalities + can vary greatly. New homes may be subject to additional municipal impact fees.

How long do permits in San Diego take?

Standard projects not located in the California Coastal Zone can take around 3 months to permit due to the City of San Diego's new "streamline" #DigitalDSD process. Projects in the Coastal Zone or requiring a Site Development Permit can take around 8 months or more to permit.

What Else Can you Design?

We have won a few awards for modern furniture which we design by special request.