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At Ten Seventy Architecture, we transform your ideas into breathtaking modern spaces that inspire and elevate your lifestyle. Our team combines modern + minimalist design, our signature project process, and seamless collaboration to make your architectural dreams a reality.

How Our Modern Architecture Studio Can Help You Build Your Dream Home in Los Angeles

Whether you’re looking to remodel your home or build additional units on your property, our integrated design + permitting process, along with our expertise in navigating  building codes, will help you build a home tailored to you and your family’s lifestyle.

Ten Seventy Architecture is a modern architecture studio that brings passion, creativity, and expertise to each unique project. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative designs for homes, renovations, and accessory dwelling units throughout Los Angeles and beyond. Our client-focused approach ensures that every aspect of your vision is realized, resulting in a space that truly reflects your personality and style.

Building a unique, modern space doesn’t need to feel like an uphill battle. Our decade of experience in designing residential and commercial properties throughout Southern California has resulted in a proprietary process that simplifies the home building and renovation process.

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 Why Choose Ten Seventy Architecture for Your Project?

We specialize in assisting our clients by designing custom modern homes, remodeling + renovating their existing homes, and extending their properties with state-of-the-art accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Our ultimate objective is to empower our clients to create extraordinary living spaces that perfectly harmonize with their individual lifestyles.

Designing Modern + Minimalist Homes That Redefine Elegance

Our talented team of modern architects specialize in creating modern, minimalist custom home designs that blend form and function.

We take pride in crafting spaces that are not only visually stunning but also comfortable and practical, ensuring your new home is a true reflection of your personal style and needs.
Photo of a modern renovation project by ten seventy architecture

Transforming Your Existing Home with Custom Renovations + Remodels

Ten Seventy Architecture excels in home renovations, remodels, and additions that breathe new life into your existing space.

Our team collaborates with you to reimagine your home, ensuring every detail aligns with your goals and enhances the overall functionality and aesthetics.

Whether you're looking to add extra living space for a growing family or wanting to increase your home's property value, we'll sit down with you at the start of a project to map out a game plan to achieve your goals.
Photo of a modern home in San Diego designed by Ten Seventy Architecture

Crafting Stylish and Functional Accessory Dwelling Units

Our architects are adept at designing accessory dwelling units that maximize space, functionality, and style.

Whether you're looking to create a guest suite or a rental unit, we'll work with you to develop an ADU that complements your property and meets your unique needs.

We even have a pre-design ADU option that will allow you to quickly + easily build a high-end modern ADU at an affordable price point. Simply put, its the fastest and easiest way to build an ADU in Southern California.
Photo of a modern ADU project in San Diego by Ten Seventy Architecture

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"Sean is the guy if you are looking for a Los Angeles architect. I was referred to him via a mutual business connection, and couldn't be happier with his work...The final product was phenomenal. I could not be happier. His work was not only exactly what I was looking for, but he did it in a timely fashion. "

Alexandra G.

"An element we loved about Sean was his ability to see creatively from the very beginning. And I can tell you that when we walked out of the meeting with Sean, we both looked at each other and said: “That’s the guy we want” And we’ve had no regrets ever since."

Tom R.

“5.000 stars. The recent opening of our ophthalmology practice has been a year in the making, and Sean Canning from Ten Seventy Architecture was integral to the successful design and execution of our space.”

Adam D.

“Highly recommend working with Sean, he is a licensed Architect who puts the customer's best interests first. I have worked with Sean on several projects, his thoroughness streamlines the project helping save money and time.”

Curtis P.

Get To Know The People Behind Our Modern Architecture Studio

Our architecture studio takes pride in the due diligence we apply to every project we take on. When you work with us, you're getting a team of professionals dedicated to the success of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Architectural Styles Do you work In?

Our primary focus is modern and minimalist architectural design, but we also have experience in other styles such as contemporary, craftsman, and transitional. Additionally, we offer interior design services to complete your project.

How Much Does It Cost To Work W/ A Design Architect In Los Angeles?

For projects in the Los Angeles area, our design services typically start at $12,000-15,000 for smaller projects. Pricing may vary depending on the size and complexity of your project.

Do you offer virtual Architecture consultations?

Absolutely! We offer virtual consultations for clients who prefer remote discussions. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we'll be in touch to schedule a virtual meeting with a licensed architect to discuss your project.

Do you design Accessory Dwelling Units / Companion Units?

es, we do! We have extensive experience in designing custom ADUs and can create the perfect accessory dwelling unit for your property. Ask us about our predesigned 1-Bedroom / 1-Bathroom ADU.

Do you design Commercial Projects?

Certainly! Our local architects have a wealth of experience in both residential and commercial projects. We have been involved in designing commercial tenant improvement projects for over a decade and are excited to help you with your commercial endeavors.

What other fees are there?

In addition to our design fees, you may encounter costs for structural engineering, permit fees paid to the municipality, and expenses for facilitating the permit process. Some projects may require energy calculations or additional engineering, while more complex permits might necessitate presentation drawings.

How long does it take to design something?

Schedules will depend on the project scope. Generally, it takes around 1-2 months to create a design working w/ a client, then 1 month to engineer/detail the project.

How Much Do Permits Cost In Los Angeles?

Permit fees are determined by local municipalities and can vary greatly. New homes may be subject to additional municipal impact fees.

How Long Do Permits In Los Angeles Take?

Standard projects not located in the California Coastal Zone typically take around 3 months to permit. Projects in the Coastal Zone or requiring a Site Development Permit can take around 8 months or more to permit.

What Else Can you Design?

We have received accolades for our modern furniture designs, which we create upon special request.